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Chinese Industrial Internet Platform breaks new ground

  • Date:2017-12-06
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Kyland's "Intewell industrial Internet operating system/cloud platform" made its first public appearance at the 4th World Internet Forum on December 3, 2017. The event was reported on by a number of different news organizations, including CCTV, which featured it on its Morning News. During the comprehensive segment, CCTV stated that "Western countries have long had a monopoly on cloud-based industrial control systems".

As a leader in the development and application of industrial Internet in China, Kyland works hard to develop and implement comprehensive solutions for Internet-based industrial control. Being "Completely autonomous, safe, and reliable" the company's "Intewell industrial Internet operating system/cloud platform" is a glimpse into the promising future of Chinese industrial Internet technology. The system enables smart manufacturing and integrates Internet-based, coordinated, and real-time control, thus providing Chinese manufacturing with an intelligent neural network.

Internationally, current industrial Internet technology is mostly focused on data application and analysis at the control level and above, and has not yet achieved Software-Defined Control (SDC) or Software-Defined Processing (SDP). In China, meanwhile, industrial Internet platforms are overly focused on multifunctionality and integration in industrial manufacturing. Both of these approaches lack a unified focus on the management and business of the industrial systems. "Intewell industrial Internet operating system/cloud platform" uses an IPv6-based real-time broadband field bus, which moves industrial Internet technology into the fields of industrial control and smart manufacturing. This makes possible software-defined industrial control cells and software-defined industrial control processes, which in turn greatly advances the use of AI in factories and collaborative manufacturing and integrates real-time control and cloud services.

Kyland's industrial Internet technology is an important part of the Made in China 2025 initiative. The “Intewell industrial Internet operating system/cloud platform” is key to autonomy in industrial Internet technology and a core platform for the initiative’s goal of integrating industrialization and informatization. The platform places Chinese industrial control technology way ahead of the curve, and constitutes the bedrock for building a Chinese-made industrial control network. Because of this, it has a very real and strategic effect on improving China’s overall industrial control technology capabilities and supporting the sustainability of China’s industrial manufacturing system.

On December 3, 2016, Li Ping, the chairman of Kyland, delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the 16th China Economic Forum. In it, he mentioned that: "if we're to ensure that China remains autonomous, independent, advanced, and strong, then we have to develop autonomous and highly advanced industrial systems and reach the goals of the Chinese Industry 2025 initiative. We recommend elevating Chinese Industry 2025 to the status of national strategy".

The work on the "Intewell industrial Internet operating system/cloud platform" is led by Kyland's chief scientist, Dr. Zhou Hongbo. Dr. Zhou received his doctorate in computer science from the University of Zurich and an EMBA from the University of Texas. He has previously held high-level research positions at companies and organizations such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory, IBM, and Oracle. His contributions to Internet technology have been reported on by international news organizations such as CNN and the San Francisco Chronicle, and he has been hailed as an expert in supercomputers and cloud computing. In 2010 alone, Dr. Zhou released three well-received books on Internet of Things and cloud computing, and he was one of nine international IoT experts to be specially invited to be interviewed by the Economist.

Kyland's "Intewell industrial Internet operating system/cloud platform" was presented at the Light of Internet Expo at the 4th World Internet Forum, where it stood out as a shining beacon among the more than 400 well-known international Internet companies and innovative companies that participated. If industrial Internet is the drive behind the fourth industrial revolution, then Kyland has placed China on the starting line, side by side with the world’s developed nations.