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Product Change Notification: SICOM3009A-HV, KIEN7009-HV, KIEN1009-HV Series

  • Date:2018-01-15
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In order to unify the appearance of the products and optimize the assembly process, we will update the structure of SICOM3009A-HV, KIEN7009-HV, KIEN1009-HV. 

Change result: Only the slight change of the appearance, as shown in the picture, the product dimension, installation mode, connection mode, electrical performance and technical parameters are all remaining the same. 

Change impact: No influence on function, performance and reliability of the products. 

Affected products: SICOM3009A-HV, KIEN7009-HV, KIEN1009-HV.

Effective date: Validate from March 31st, 2018


Download the PDF version: http://www.kyland.com/file/upload/2018/01/15/1516423517.pdf