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Time Convertor with DIN Rail
Product Overview

PTC2000 is a multifunction time convertor. PTC2000 is designed for DIN Rail Mount requirements. It is a compact and provides time conversion service for any industry fields. It supports PTP (Precision Timing Protocol), IRIG-B as input time sources. Based on the multiple time source input PTC2000 has multi-time source selection logical inside to implement time conversion function. It also supports PTP (Precision Timing Protocol), NTP (Network Time Protocol), IRIG-B, 1PPS, 1PPM, 1PPH and TOD etc. time synchronization signal output as time synchronization purpose. The default embedded WEB service provides system management.

Key Features

Compact DIN Rail installation design
Support PTP, IRIG-B time input
Support PTP,NTP/SNTP,IRIG-B,PPS,TOD time output
Support Web management system
Optional high performance OCXO with excellent time keeping performance

Time Input Support PTP time input
Support IRIG-B optical input and IRIG-B TTL input
Time Output Support PTPv2
Support PTP Grandmaster
Support PTP Slave
Support PTP BC
Support NTP/SNTP Server
Support IRIG-B demodulated output (B000~B007 Format; TTL, RS485 and Optical output)
Support IRIG-B modulated output (B120~B127 Format)
Support TOD serial time coding (RS232 and RS485 Interface; TOD, NMEA-RMC, NMEA-ZDA and Customized Serial Message)
Time Signal Conversion IRIG-B to PTP, NTP/SNTP and TOD
Device Management Support WEB configuration and maintenance
Product Specifications
Input Interface TTL: BNC connector, IRIG-B, one port
Fiber: Multi-mode, 850nm, ST connector, IRIG-B, one optional port
Network Interface Interface: Two 100/1000M Ethernet ports, RJ45 or 100M SFP or 1000M SFP ports
PTP v2:
Grandmaster, Slave and Boundary clock
E2E, P2P
802.3, IPv4

Output Interface TTL(BNC): BNC connector, IRIG-B or PPS software configurable, two ports
TTL(Terminal): Terminal connector, IRIG-B or PPS software configurable, four ports
Fiber: Multi-mode, 850nm, ST connector, IRIG-B or PPS software configurable, one optional port
TOD: RS232/RS485, RJ45, 1PPS+TOD, one port
IRIG-B Modulated: Terminal connector, IRIG-B modulated signal, peak to peak 3~12V and modulated ratio 3:1~6:1 software configuration, two ports
Contact: Terminal connector, Maximum 300VDC, 10mA, PPS or PPM software configurable, two ports
Alarm Interface Relay:
NC and NO relay alarm contact, 3-pin 5.08mm-spacing plug-in terminal block, 250 VAC Max, 3 A Max
Maintenance Interface Console: RS232, RJ45, one port
LED System alarm: ALARM
Time lock status: LOCK
Power Supply Input:

Terminal: 3-pin 7.62 mm-spacing plug-in terminal block
Consumption: <20W
Physical Characteristics Housing: Metal
Cooling: Natural cooling, fanless
Dimensions(WxHxD): 75mm × 140mm × 149mm (2.95×5.51×5.87 in.)
Weight: <2Kg (4.41pound)
Environmental Limits Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Ambient Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Quality Assurance Warranty: 5 years
Time Accuracy
PPS Fiber≤60ns
IRIG-B Fiber≤60ns
TOD RS232≤5ms
1PPS+TOD ≤60ns
NTP ≤50µs
PTP ≤50ns
Mechanical Drawing

Ordering Information
Product Model PTC2000-Fiber-Osc-PS-Sync
Code definition Code selection
Fiber: Fiber input/output port N/A: No fiber ports
FIO= FI (ST 850nm MM) + FO (ST 850nm MM)
Osc: Oscillator N/A: No Oscillator
TCXO=TCXO (<55µs/1h)
PS: Power Supply HV=100-240VAC,50/60Hz;110-220VDC(85-264VAC/85-300VDC) single
L1=48VDC(43.2-52.8VDC) single
L3=24VDC(21.6-26.4VDC) single
Sync: Time Synchronization N/A: no PTP
PTP=Support PTPv2 function


  Order Information Description
PO (Demo#1) PTC2000-L1 2*100/1000M C/F(LC), Alarm Contact, 48VDC
PO (Demo#2) PTC2000-FIO-TCXO-L3-PTP TCXO(55µs/1h), 2*100/1000M C/F(LC), Alarm Contact, PTPv2, FI+FO, 24VDC