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AFC Networking Solutions

In order to retain smooth and effective ticketing operation for railways, automated fare collection (AFC) system is introduced to modern transportation.
It generally consists of ticket vending machine, fare gate and backend accouting system. Though it's less critical for train operation, it's most critical for the operator
working capital.

System Requirements

High availability with low failure rate
Industrial design to resist shock & vibration, and also extreme operating ambience
Network redundancy to mitigate link or node failure effects
High bandwidth and routing platform for inter-station connection
Support centralized management
Support routing protocols to exchange data with external network

Why Kyland

Fanless design, dual power supplies with long MTBF (>200,000hrs)
Supports -40 to 85°C wide operating temperature and high EMC resistance
Supports various redundant Ring redundant protocols, like STP/RSTP, MSTP, DT-Ring and IEC62439-6(DRP)
Supports Layer 3 routing protocols such as RIP and OSPF
Supports VRRP for layer 3 redundancy

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